Q&A: How do I start my credit when I turn 18?

Question by Jessica: How do I start my credit when I turn 18?
I’m going to be 18 next month and I need to start my credit so I will be able to finance a car at some point soon, which you need “good credit” for.

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Answer by Judy
Open a checking account. You will receive an ATM/debit card, possibly a visa card along with it.
Keep 3 months salary in that account. It will be used towards your down payment on your car, and as an emergency stash.

If you want credit cards start by applying for store cards and gas cards. Easy to get. After 6 months, get a real visa/mc. Never carry balances, this can destroy your credit if you go over the 30% threshold.

Buy stuff you need every month, and pay in full every month. Carrying balances and paying interest DOES NOT help you increase credit worthiness.


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